As a jeweler, we’re always looking for creative ways brides can show off their jewelry. Sometimes, we don’t have to look very hard to find them. It just so happens that the biggest wedding flower trend at the moment is the best way to show off your 1 ½ carat round brilliant. Floral hoop bouquets, by design, put your jewelry front and center. Blooms, twisty branches and lush greenery make a gorgeous backdrop for a sparkling engagement ring which is often obscured at the base of a traditional bouquet. And it keeps your hands looking relaxed and natural in poses, so they convey softness and elegance in photos. In addition to the inherent wow factor of doing your bouquet a little differently, floral hoop bouquets are more cost-effective, easier to carry (and hand off to your maid of honor), and if you use silk flowers, like we did, they’re more environmentally-friendly. Floral hoop bouquets cost less than tradition bouquets because you can achieve a full look with fewer flowers. And there’s another jewelry connection: like your wedding bands, their shape is symbolic of the eternalness and renewal inherent in your union.


Once we got the supplies together, it took a little less than an hour to make our flower hoop. If you look for deals and buy what’s on sale, you can make one for less than $25. Choose two or three large flowers you want to be the focal point of your hoop; then choose smaller flowers of a complementary color to fill in the sides. We used silk flowers from our local craft store and greenery from our backyard. Here’s what you need to make your own floral hoop wreath:



Start with your greenery first, and secure it to the hoop using floral wire. It’s easiest to work in small pieces. Next, glue your large, focal flowers to the greenery hoop using a hot glue gun. Then, add your secondary flowers. Fill in with a few more greens, and you’re done! If you try this trend for your big day, post a photo and tag us on Instagram! We would love to see the flowers/colors you chose!