A promise ring is a symbol of commitment; but beyond that, its meaning is subjective. For some, a promise ring represents a future engagement, the promise of a proposal. The ring (a sort of pre-engagement ring) marks the first step in a couple’s lifelong journey. For others, it’s a wearable reminder of a personal commitment. While the commitment is most often to a relationship, promise rings can represent a commitment to anything—from living healthfully, to staying positive. If you have a goal in mind, a promise ring might be just what you need to keep yourself on track to succeed. (Think of it as a reminder that doubles as a reward.) Many people wear promise rings to commemorate a life event or celebrate a milestone. Before you gift yourself something sparkly, read everything you need to know about promise rings.

A promise ring can be any kind of ring. There are no rules. It can be a smooth, plain band. It can have colored gemstones, diamonds or both. You can personalize your promise ring with a birthstone or an anniversary gemstone, or by adding engraving. The claddagh ring, a traditional Irish symbol of love, loyalty and friendship, is often worn as a promise ring. Heart-shaped rings and infinity rings are popular too.


While white gold is most the popular ring type, the demand for yellow gold is on the rise. Rose gold promise rings are also a good choice, because the rosy hue complements almost every skin tone, and it can act as a bridge between different jewelry metals.

Promise rings aren’t just for women; men wear them too. Most men prefer the look of a wider band, and, although you can get a band in almost any width, our most popular men’s bands fall into the 3mm-to-9mm-wide range. Men’s rings come in a wide variety of metals, from gold to stainless steel to titanium to tungsten. Many have diamond and gemstone embellishments, decorative engravings and etchings, and religious expressions, like crosses.


Promise rings can be worn on any finger; however, many prefer to wear their promise rings on the ring finger of the left hand (if not married) and the ring finger of the right hand (if married).

As for how much you should spend, there’s no magic number. People tend to spend less on promise rings than they do on engagement rings, but as far as etiquette is concerned, there is no right or wrong amount.

There are no rules on when, where and how to give a promise ring; but they aren’t typically presented on bended knee like engagement rings. Many promise rings are given as anniversary or birthday gifts, or on holidays like Christmas and Valentine’s Day. Dates that hold personal significance can make your promise ring all the more meaningful.

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