Prints are fun to wear, but they’re not always easy to accessorize. Here are four prints to try this season, plus tips for picking your jewelry.

Feminine Floral


Choose feminine, understated jewelry to complement this print, think: pearly pieces, pastel stones like morganite and aquamarine, and rose gold. We love rose gold for its unique ability to look modern and vintage at the same time. Its rosy hue complements almost every skin tone, and it can act as a bridge between different jewelry metals.

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Bohemian Floral

boho_2 (2)

Pick one color in your pattern and match your jewelry to that color. If you’re wearing a white top patterned with pink and blue flowers, for example, choose jewelry that’s either pink or blue. And you can’t go wrong with nature motifs like feathers and leaves.

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Keep it simple. Geometric prints are eye-catching (it’s why we love them), and heavily-embellished, statement pieces (especially around the neckline) will compete for attention, ultimately confusing the eye. It’s best to keep the emphasis on your face and hands. Think minimalist pieces in gold or silver. Stud earrings are best.

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Leopard spots are embellishments in and of themselves, so save your statement jewelry for solids. Simple gold pieces and black gemstones highlight key colors from the print, and leather bracelets complement the organic feel. If you’re feeling daring, a pop of red will add an edge to your look.

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