The best gifts are the ones you eventually wear out and have to replace. Seriously, nothing beats getting your new favorite lip gloss. Or the watch you’ve worn out the band on. Give those gifts. Because giving those kinds of gifts is (almost) as fun as getting them. And if you avoid these mistakes, you’ll always give great gifts.

#1: Not Taking Personal Style into Consideration

Does this complement their hobbies and interests? Does it look like something they would wear? These are important questions to ask yourself before buying—and if the answer isn’t a resounding yes, you may want to rethink your gift. Just because you think wireless cat ear headphones are cool doesn’t mean the person you’re shopping will feel the same.

#2: Buying Something Impersonal

Your gift shouldn’t come across as a last-ditch effort. Sure, vitamin C is important—especially during cold and flu season—but nothing screams this is a last minute gift like a fresh fruit arrangement. Trust us: They will not go bananas for that bouquet of out-of-season produce.

#3: Waiting Until the Last Minute

The best gifts are the most thoughtful ones. And it’s hard to be thoughtful when you’re shopping bare shelves and scrambling to meet shipping deadlines.  When you wait until the last minute to buy a gift, you run the risk of making mistakes #1 and #2.

#4: Basing Your Decision on Price

It’s easy to lose focus on what makes a gift great when you’re preoccupied with the “right” amount to spend—a magic number that’s usually equivalent to what you would think they would spend on you, that doesn’t make you look like a cheapskate and impresses without making the recipient feel uncomfortable. But if you remove price from the equation and focus on buying the gift that best complements their style and interests, you’re going give a really great gift and, in most cases, you’ll save money.

#5: Buying Self-Improvement Gifts

Unless they’ve specifically asked for one, giving self-improvement gifts like a wearable fitness tracker is a serious faux pas. A gift is a personal message. And a 12-month membership to 24/7 Fitness probably isn’t what you mean.

#6: Not Asking for Help

Sometimes finding the perfect present means asking for help. Jewelry is the ultimate gift, but the decision-making can be daunting. You’re probably not an expert on jewelry. But, lucky for you, you don’t have to be. We’re experts, and we’re here to help. Our website has a learning center where you can read our guide to understanding metal choices and learn about the 4Cs of diamonds (color, cut, clarity and carat).

Now that you know what not to do, remember: The best gifts have a personal element to them. Check out the Expressions section of our holiday gift guide for a few of our favorite recommendations.