Stud earrings are the first pair of earrings most people own. For many—like us—those thicker-than-average, entry-level posts came with free piercing, a celebratory soft pretzel and a trip to Sam Goody.* (It also marked the beginning of our obsession with tiny trinkets for our earlobes.)

The understated look of studs never goes out style. In fact, diamond studs and pearl studs are classic pieces of jewelry everybody should own. But not every stud earring is a metal BB or solo stone. Case in point, these golden pyramids.


Statement studs are a staple of 2016.

Looking for a fresh way to wear the classics? Try the mismatched earring trend. It makes a visually interesting, very intentional, statement—and it’s easier than it looks. Before you start, take inventory of your jewelry portfolio. Lay out your options to get an idea of what you’re working with. Play with proportions and don’t be afraid to mix metals. Pairing a rose gold drop earring with a white gold diamond stud creates stunning contrast. Black and white (another trend on our radar) is an eye-catching combo. Could this be the perfect opportunity to resurrect the single blue diamond stud you lost in the back of that uber last month? Consider this the silver lining.

*for a cassette single, probably