Whoever said ‘Rules are made to be broken’ was onto something. Sure, we obey stop signs, we never take an eleventh item through the express checkout lane, and we always unwrap our candy before the movie. But when it comes to accessorizing with necklaces, we toss the rules out like an empty box of Milk Duds.

It seems like common sense—if you can’t choose between a rose gold bar necklace and a pearl bead, you should most definitely wear both.

Filling in a deep v neckline with tiers of delicate necklaces is our favorite move at the moment. The goal is to arrange the necklaces in a way that’s visually interesting. That means layering varying lengths, shapes, chain thicknesses and metal types to create contrast and dimension.

Before you start, take inventory of your jewelry portfolio. Hang your pieces (in groups by length) to a get an idea of what you’re working with.

Start at the top. This should be the shortest necklace. Next, add a second, longer necklace. If your top necklace is a dainty piece, consider adding a heavier chain. Pairing delicate necklaces with chunky chains adds unique contrast. The more diverse your necklaces pairs are, the better. And don’t be afraid to mix metals. Rose gold complements almost every skin tone and is an excellent bridge between metal types. Make your longest piece the heaviest piece, and layer each tier at least a half inch apart.

You can personalize your collection by adding a script initial necklace or this zodiac pearl pendant. Try layering simple chains for an understated, chic look. Adding a horizontal bar necklace disrupts the natural, vertical flow of the layers and adds visual contrast. A lariat necklace adds dramatic length.

Thinking about giving it a try? Chances are you can probably nail the look with pieces you already own. If not, we’ve picked a few of our favorites.