We’re enamored with the whimsical trend. Sure, the colored freckle makeup trend isn’t for everybody. But whimsical isn’t a style limited to faux freckles and flower crowns. Minimalist arrows, beachy baubles and feather motifs can do a lot to spruce up your summer office sweater. So leave the novelty coffee mug at home—this is how you should be adding fun to your work wear.


Anchors Aweigh!

Want to nail the nautical look this spring? The key is to start with one great piece. Think bold stripes, crisp sail white, rope prints, and the nautical icon: anchors. Even if you’re landlocked, you’ll feel like a boating beauty with a seafaring statement ring anchored to your finger. Perfect the preppy look with sockless sperrys on casual Fridays, and fisherman knits (for chilly evening outings). Even if the only sea salt you come in contact with is sprinkled on a bagel between morning meetings, you’re always-on-maritime in these seafaring staples.


Looking Sharp!

When it comes to accessorizing the year’s trendiest colors, you’re always going to hit the mark with sharp shapes. Geometric forms are really in right now, but if you need a little more direction, look no further than arrow motifs. Designers love clean lines—and arrows really exaggerate a crisp line. They also add a directional element, which is fresh.



Your nine-to-five abode, with its commercial carpet, fluorescent fixtures and fiberboard ceiling tiles, can be…well, de-energizing. As summer weather approaches, it’s especially important to integrate elements of the outdoors into your workspace as a reminder of your connection to nature—preferably something you don’t have to water.

Boho-chic and breezy, feathers are one whimsical detail that adapts effortlessly to its surroundings. Feathers and festival wristbands go together like overpriced beer and Tupac holograms, but the best thing about the feather trend: it works as well with business casual as it does a crochet mini dress and lace-up sandals. Feathers blend nature and glamour—two domains which rarely network. To nail the look, pair your feather jewelry with earth tones.

The whimsical trend is a touch nostalgic and oh-so-wearable. Putting on these fun, playful pieces always improves our mood. Check out our best baubles with a whimsical quality.