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Your toothbrushes have been co-mingling for some time, and although you’ve acquired real estate for your stuff, you wouldn’t think twice about using his Speed Stick on a stay over. You know he doesn’t like syrup on his pancakes—only butter—he prefers ketchup directly on the fry pile—not on the side and he’s a meticulous, from-the-bottom-up tube squeezer. His comfiest hoodie is on permanent loan, and the two of you have a Netflix password together.

Is your relationship promise-ring-ready?

A promise ring is a gesture that you’re serious about the relationship. It’s a symbol of commitment; but beyond that, its meaning is subjective. For some, a promise ring represents a future engagement. For others, it’s a way to reflect on commitment to one another.

Promise rings can adorn any digit—the most popular position being the left hand ring finger (as a placeholder for an engagement ring). From there, it’s an easy switch to the right hand when a proposal presents itself.

Like engagement rings, there’s no magic number for how much a promise ring should cost. On average, a couple spends about 10% of what they would spend on an engagement ring. Heart motifs and infinity designs are a classic move, and while colorless diamonds are best-selling, fancy colored diamonds—like blue and black—are gaining in popularity.

Even though it doesn’t carry the same weight as an engagement ring, a promise ring is a relationship milestone and should be treated as such.

So how do you know you’re there?

Sure, there are the classic indicators: you’ve met his family, he’s said “I love you.” But there are other signs your relationship is swerving serious: he brings pho in lieu of flowers, he returns from his weekend warrior retreat at Home Depot with a freshly-cut copy of his apartment key, he makes sure you have ginger ale with bendy straws when you’re sick. If your guy is showing any of these signs, it might not be a bad idea to find out your ring size.

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