Congratulations, you’ve found the perfect gift. Before you reach for the standard-issue gift bag, ask yourself: Isn’t the perfect gift worthy of more than a festive bag and a stick-on bow? Here’s how to elevate your gift-giving style game.

Upgrade the box.


Our complimentary boxes are beautiful, but they don’t play Tchaikovsky when you open them; so if you want something that does (a music box), you’re going to have to pay for that.  Shop your local antique store for a vintage trinket box, or get a custom-engraved wooden keepsake box.  If you’re going with a personalized wooden gift box, we recommend cherry. Engraving has the best contrast on lighter colored woods, and cherry complements most metals types.

Present earrings on a vintage postcard.

Antique stores and vintage shops are a treasure trove of old postcards. Just imagine how amazing these black and white art deco-inspired earrings would look on a vintage 1940’s postcard. Carefully use a sewing needle to punch the initial holes. Gently push the earring posts through the card and apply the earring backs.

(Bonus points for using the postcard to surprise the gift recipient with a trip.)

Hang it on the tree!


We love these ceramic ornaments by Solutions that double as a hinged container. You can find them here. They’re a perfect fit for a ring or necklace. And for larger gifts—like a watch—you could use the surprise ornaments to hold handwritten clues directing the recipient to where the present is hidden. Could this be the making of a scavenger hunt? You bet your baubles it can.

Plan your gift-giving around a trip or special event.

Make reservations at a favorite restaurant and give your gift post-appetizers. To avoid interruption (or to have someone snap a few photos for you) fill the restaurant in on your plan in advance. Consider buying tickets to an event you both enjoy; halftime, or intermission, will offer up the perfect moment to pop the gift. Every time they glance at their jewelry, it will remind them of that special time and place.

Serve breakfast in bed.

OK, so maybe a breakfast burrito isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of gifting a gorgeous piece of fine jewelry; but who doesn’t love to be spoiled first thing in the morning? Breakfast in bed by itself is amazing—serving a little black box alongside that veggie scramble is next level. We can’t think of a better way to start the morning, and it takes the guesswork out of choosing what to wear that day.

Think outside the gift box!

Save the double-sided tape and tissue paper for socks and small appliances. Get creative, make it memorable, and you’ll score all the style points this season.