The changing weather, the pumpkin spice and warm sweaters. All are great reminders that fall is here and winter is near. While the weather is changing, so are the seasonal jewelry trends. Various bands are a fall trend that allow for simplicity and elegance with some sparkle. Here are some tips to create fresh fall combinations:

Fred Meyer Jewelers Bountiful Bands1. Don’t be afraid to break the rules. We’re talking mixing metals and gems—think rose gold against yellow gold or silver next to stone.

2. Add a dramatic statement ring. The bolder, the better! With so many tones and textures to choose from, it’s a breeze to compliment or contrast.

3. The icing on this cake? Topping off those layers with delicate midi rings, like these silver bands that declare your stylish personality.

Fred Meyer Jewelers Bountiful Bands 2PRO TIP: There’s always room for diamonds. Not only are they girl’s best friend, they take your layers from casual hip to glam—instantly

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