Considered a very popular gemstone, September’s birthstone, sapphire has been said to be popular since the middle ages. Also, let’s not forget sapphires are famous among royals (example: Kate Middleton’s engagement ring!). Here are some fun facts about sapphires:

The word sapphire is derived from the Latin words “saphirus” and the Greek word “sapheiros,” which both mean blue.

Sapphire is a relative of July’s birthstone, ruby. Like ruby, it is a form of the mineral corundum, a normally drab grey mineral. Red corundum is called the ruby, while all other gem quality forms of corundum are called sapphires.

In the past, sapphire was said to represent the purity of the soul. Also, medieval kings valued sapphires as rings and brooches, believing that it protected them from harm and envy.

While blue is the most famous color, sapphires are also available in white, pink and even black hues!

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