Like the perfect rose, July’s birthstone, Ruby, is rich in color and speaks of love and passion. The gem was once called the “Rajnapura” or the King of Gems by ancient Hindus and was among the most highly prized of gems throughout history.

Rubies were once considered to have magical powers and were even worn by royalty as a talisman against evil. The word Ruby comes the Latin “ruber,” which translates to red. Ruby hues can range from an orangey red to a purplish red, but of course the most prized gems are rich in red color.

It has been said that the Ruby’s Ruby Pendant Fred Meyer Jewelersred glow comes from a
n internal flame that can’t be extinguished, making a gift of this stone symbolic of everlasting love. With its hardness and durability, it is a perfect engagement gem. Also, if worn on the left hand, ancient legend has it that the Ruby will bring good fortune to its wearer, too!