We love the month of March. It’s always a gentle reminder that spring is around the corner and summer is near. With the promise of clear blue skies, we couldn’t be happier! It also helps that blue is the primary color of March’s birthstone, aquamarine. Did you know that this gemstone belongs to the beryl family? (as does emerald) Here are some additional fun facts about this magnificent gemstone:

  1. aquamarine-ring-fred-meyer-jewelersThe name aquamarine comes from latin “aqua mare” which literally translates to sea water. The color of aquamarine is generally described as “sea-blue” or “sea-green.”
  2. The symbolism associated with this gemstone are: faithfulness, courage and friendship.
  3. Aquamarine can also be given as a 19th year of marriage gift.
  4. In Medieval times, it was believed that aquamarine could help counteract the effects of poison. The healing powers are thought to strongest when light actually passes through the gem and onto the body.

Whether you’re looking for a gift to celebrate a March birthday or even just want to treat yourself, we have a large selection of aquamarine pieces that are sure to delight!