Are you searching for your New Years Eve look? Like many, you’re probably in a panic looking for a last minute outfit. Now, just take a deep breath and follow this simple advice: Wear a black dress and accessorize galore!

New Years Eve is all about new beginnings, sparkling outfits and glittering jewelry. If you have a basic black dress and some bling, then you’re covered.

bling-ring-fred-meyer-jewelers-rose-goldStart out by putting on as many of the diamonds you own, whether it’s rings, earrings, or bracelets – whatever you have. If it has diamonds, put it on. Long pearl necklaces are can also work to create a vintage flapper vibe (an effortless and attention grabbing outfit). Another way to jazz up your look is to curl your hair and throw on a colorful and wide headband. Snap on a sparkling pin to add some extra bling.

Now that you have your outfit figured out, you can comfortably step out in style and ring in the New Year!